Live for today, not for tomorrow

A long time ago I had this vision of passing my beloved toys down to my children. In my case it was my first teddy bear (named Teddy, of course), my two Cabbage Patch Kids, Holly Hobbie and MonChiChi. I was overjoyed when I had a girl the second time around. I waited until the day that she would be old enough to appreciate and play with my old, well-loved toys.

The time finally came, about two years ago when I thought she would be old enough to take care of the toys that I loved when I was a child. She was excited at first but that excitement faded. Soon I saw them sprawled all over her room, begging for attention. Then one day we were doing a Goodwill drop and we were going through their toys. As she was sorting through the toys she didn’t want, she pointed to one of my dolls and said, ‘that one, the doll that I don’t like.’ I thought, ‘Oh no, now what?’ I waited all this time to pass down my beloved toys only to realize that my daughter doesn’t even want them!

That made me realize that sometimes life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. Something as frivolous as wanting to pass down my toys to my children didn’t pan out the way I had thought it would. So when I was cleaning out my closet one day I had to make a decision: What do I do with my wedding dress?

It had been with me for about 10 years and three moves. I didn’t dry clean it after the wedding. Which meant it wasn’t ‘preserved’ in a lovely little vacuum-sealed box either. Of course, I thought of keeping my dress for my daughter but that thought quickly passed. So, instead of keeping it for my daughter I let her have a ride on my train as I tried it on for one last time before I donated it to a charity called The Brides’ Project.  I was donating to a charity that was close to my heart because at the time, my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. This charity sells the wedding dresses and donates all profits to various cancer charities.

I was extremely happy I made the decision to donate rather than keep it for my daughter. I can’t predict the future but I can control the present. As for my children’s toys, we won’t be keeping them for their children, that’s for sure!

Did you save your toys for your children? What did you do or what would you do with your wedding gown?

Thanks for reading!

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