The school of life

As parents, we often worry about how to explain difficult things to our children. Sometimes we stress out about things we shouldn’t. When my father was sick I was stressed out about bringing them to the hospital. When he passed away I stressed out about how to explain death to them.

Then one day this happened and I knew they were going to be alright.

7yo: Apong missed Lu-Ann’s birthday

Me: Yup, that means he’s going to miss yours

7yo: We won’t see him again until we’re in heaven

4yo: Yeah

7yo: Too bad for us. No presents in heaven. But we’ll be able to fly. That’s a present.

4yo: YAY! We can fly!

From my point of view it seems like they’re handling things better than most adults. As they say, children are resilient. I just love how they are so sure they’ll see their Grandpa again. This is something that age takes from you. They have no doubt yet adults are full of doubt most of the time.

I certainly hope to see my dad again but I can’t say I’m as sure as my kids. I wish I was. For the most part I feel like they’re teaching me more about life than I could ever teach them.

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