Today, and Every Day

A beautiful love story 😊😘

Jackie L. Gillard, Writer

Four years.

Four years since I first looked into those dark eyes and was lost forever.

Four years since the Magistrate signed the papers declaring me her mother.


How can four years feel like four seconds and forty years all rolled into one?

What a ride those four years have been.

I used to think parenting was about teaching your children –

four years have taught me that I am the student.

She is the balm that soothes my wounds.


One gentle touch from her can make my day, one shoved-away attempt at affection can ruin it.

She is my world.  My destiny.  My life.


I never expected motherhood to be so incredibly all-consuming, so powerful, so hard, yet so full of joy.

I never expected any of this.

Yet I’m still surprised daily.


Surprised at my own motherly instinct to protect her, no matter what, at any expense.

Surprised at how quickly…

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