Don’t worry, be happy :)

One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do is write a eulogy for my dad. And even more difficult – actually delivering the eulogy. Even though I knew it would be difficult, I knew I just had to do it. And I’m glad I did. He was a happy, loving and selfless man who gave everything he had to his family and friends without expecting anything in return. Over the years I was fortunate enough to witness his kind and generous nature and learn from him. He will be missed dearly. I wanted to share it with you because the world needs more happy!

“Just be happy all the time” – Dad


I know what you’re all thinking.

How in the world are we going to understand her while she’s crying?

That’s okay, I’m used to it.

When I said I wanted to do this eulogy, my mom said, ‘you can’t do it, you will cry!’

Well, she’s right and if you know me, you know how it goes when you tell me NOT to do something!

So here I go… I’m known as the family crier, so bear with me.

Over the years, my dad was known by many names, whether you knew him as…

Mr. Maala
Uncle Vino
Or, as my mom called him, Ssssst! (clearly a term of endearment)

I know he made quite an impression on you all, that’s why you’re here today.

My dad will always be remembered as a happy person who lived every day to it’s fullest.

He embraced new things with a child-like enthusiasm and was quick to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time about anything, much to the dismay of my mom.

He was so friendly that when he was standing outside the house, there would be a hello honk from EVERY car that passed by and a friendly wave from everyone who walked by.

I remember one day he came home with a bottle of honey after one of his walks.

When I asked him where he got it from, he said there’s a guy down the street that sells it!

Anyone who knows him knows how proud he was of his family.

I remember visiting Eaton’s as a child and being introduced to EVERYONE, EVERYONE in the store and even as a child I recognized how proud he was of his family.

After I married Charles he would beam with pride when he told random Jamaicans that his son-in-law is Jamaican – yup, that’s my dad!

He was also proud of his job, which he basically acquired within a week of getting off the plane in Canada from the Philippines, thanks to my Uncle Sonny, who knew they were hiring at the time.

When he retired from that job in 1998, 24 years later, I recall him saying, ‘I could die now, I fulfilled my dreams.’

He was such a simple man and that’s what made him so lovable.

He wore his heart on his sleeve.

Whenever my mom was out of his sight, he would say ‘where’s your mom?’

Even if she was in the same house.

Don’t worry, dad, we’ll take care of your princess! No, not Malaya, MOM – well, both.

And he tried to encourage Joel to follow in his footsteps on how to treat a lady.

Make sure you open the door for Lon and always make sure she has enough to eat and drink.

Let’s just say Joel has a long way to go to meet your standards for chivalry, Dad!

He was always more concerned about others than he was about himself.

On my 40th birthday in the hospital, he actually apologized to me for being sick on my birthday!

Dad, I’m just happy you were there to see me enter a milestone year.

Speaking about being selfless…

Any time he spent at the hospital, every day he would ask, ‘did you feed the fish?’

And he also babysat my Uncle’s fish when he went on vacation this year – his tank was your tank, Uncle.

My dad wouldn’t want us to be sad so I’m hoping you leave here feeling happy, just like him.

Dad, we will all miss your laughter but I know you’re up there spreading your happiness, telling funny stories and making everyone laugh – Say hi to all the apongs for us!

I could have gotten any dad in the world and I got you.

And for that, I’m grateful

As Maxwell wrote in the guest book, I LOVE YOU. I hope you feel better.

6 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be happy :)

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your father, Grace. I know how much strength it writes to find the words and deliver them. But this is so heartfelt – I know he’s smiling down on you, proud of what you’ve done. Sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. ~xo

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